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FILMANTHROPY: a follow up to the SnagFilms Resource Spotlight

TEAM. The other day, I profiled SnagFilms as a resource nonprofits should be using. That was just a teaser of why the site is a great resource, but today, I’m excited to delve further in to outline SnagFilms’ recently launched Filmanthropy section. Now that you know how free streaming docs could illustrate volumes more than a paragraph blurb of why your mission matters, you can understand that an entire library of films tied directly to different nonprofits and causes is fantastic news.

Filmanthropy has been the mantra of SnagFilms’ co-founder Ted Leonsis since the site’s inception. From the SnagFilms website:

SnagFilms Founder and Chairman Ted Leonsis coined the term filmanthropy to describe the power of the documentary films to inspire, enlighten and serve as agents for change.

SnagFilms is committed to promoting filmanthropy. We tie every documentary film in our library to a related charitable effort and make it easy to learn more and get involved.

Put into practice, this means that below every doc on the site there is a blurb explaining which overarching category the film falls into and how to get involved in the issue or learn more. Flow chart example:

I clicked on a film titled China’s Lost Girls–> prompted me to support films that empower women–> led me to tons more films as well as profiles of nonprofits that work in this field including direct links to those organizations’ homepages.

The only thing I’m not finding is information on how SnagFilms chose which nonprofits to highlight and link to their films, but hopefully down the road it will become open to more groups. Great task to put your marketing/communications people on!

And team, this is new, I haven’t seen groups taking much advantage of it yet, and the Filmanthropy section of the SnagFilms site has only been around since September 2011. Want to be ahead of the curve? Even if this isn’t the exact curve you want to be ahead of, how could you go wrong with snazzing up your website with an embedded video or tweeting about a film that will bring heightened awareness to your followers? With Filmanthropy, it’s super straightforward to find a film for such a project.

To sum up, you should be excited that a streaming video library is taking nonprofit work seriously and recognizing the power of film to inform your constituents.

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