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Innovation: Girl Effect use of video

Today’s the last day of YouTube week here on the blog and I want to leave you with some inspiration for how you can leverage video for your cause in exciting and innovative ways.

As of the writing of this blog, the Girl Effect website is structured such that when you first visit you are prompted with a question. Either answer you choose, you are immediately led to their fantastic graphic video. With very little else going on, the site pulls you in because you want to keep watching. The video is hosted on YouTube so it’s easily embeddable and spreadable, and it has hundreds of thousands of views at this point.

From their website:

The Girl Effect is a movement. It’s about the unique and indisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. It was created by people at the Nike Foundation, the NoVo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, but it’s about you using your voice, your talents, and your community to help girls help themselves—and, as a result, everybody else. It’s about giving you the tools and the network you need to spread the word about what girls can do and, with a little elbow grease, change the world.

Hope you’re inspired by their innovative use of video as well as the great cause they’re promoting!

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