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Music: Vimeo Music Store

If you have ever tried to make a basic video for your organization or campaign, you may know the headache that comes with finding accompanying music.

Videos are more interesting and digestible when there is consistent sound in the background. If you have really good mics and audio, you may have clean enough room tone (the background wssshhhh a room makes, humming with machinery, etc.), but usually you want to put a song behind your speakers so it’s not so jarring between audio and silence. Or you may not have any speaking and need something to keep your video interesting instead of a silent parade of images.

If you don’t think it’s a headache to find music and are wondering why we don’t all just go into iTunes and grab the song that fits the best, you might want to research copyrights and licenses. They’re kind of a big deal, and if you want to present your organization in the best light you’ll follow the rules and use public domain tunes or license your music.

Vimeo Music Store to the rescue! Vimeo saw the struggle their users were having with finding songs to put with their videos. Often people used copyrighted popular music and just credited the artist. If you do this, you lose the ability to use the video for marketing or really put it out there because it’s not legal to use that pop song without the artist/label/someone’s permission. I’m not taking the time to go into the intricacies of this legal situation, but I am here to let you know about resources that allow you to sidestep the mire.

The store has free tracks but you can also search by price range. Or search by genre, tempo, theme, mood, or instrument. Vimeo has a great FAQ section that should clarify any questions you have.

Mostly, the good folks over at Vimeo HQ just wanted to give their users what they needed.

We wanted to provide a place where our users can find music that they can put in their videos. Unlike music that you might download from a store for personal listening purposes, the Music Store allows you to find music that you can license for use in videos.

Thanks, Vimeo!

If your video is advertising a local block party only your family and friends are going to see, you may risk it and use your favorite pop song anyway. But at least now you know there are places to find licensable tracks. Happy listening!

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