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Free Webinar: See3’s YouTube for Nonprofits

Thursdays here at the blog will be dedicated to an outside tutorial or free resource to help build up your organization’s assets to draw on when you want to create media. This week being YouTube week, I want to share this free webinar led by Michael Hoffman of See3 Communications in Chicago.  It’s from two years ago, but I’ve found it to be really helpful and relevant on why YouTube’s Nonprofit Program is good news.

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Community: Portnoy Media Group

A new installment to the blog will be giving a shout out to organizations or other blogs that I find really helpful in thinking about creating media for nonprofits.

Since it’s YouTube week and I’ve been talking a lot about annotations, I thought I would highlight the Portnoy Media Group. Dan Portnoy’s blog post on annotations helped me when I was first started to get creative with including links to external websites for nonprofits. Their work creating videos for the Union Rescue Mission will hopefully inspire you to think about ways to engage your audience further into your video series or work in general.

From their site:

The Portnoy Media Group exists as a collective of those who want to make a difference in the nonprofit industry, brought together under one idea: that communication should be genuine – no rock stars, no prima donnas. We strive to be creators of quality communications on the web, in film, broadcast, print and in music.

Sounds good to me! For more tips in bolstering your communications, check out their blog, the Lab.

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